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Specialty Care

Life is on,

 life is sound,

 life is experiences.

Phonak  has a wide range 

of styles 

for the young and the old 



Have trouble hearing

 and have a hearing loss?

 We have certified your eligibility and can order you ​a complimentary CaptionCall phone. 

Call Wilson hearing aids & services  for more information


Specialty Care

Hearing is our concern

Hearing for the world

Hearing for you

Better hearing better health

Starkey hearing aids made for life.

Made for you.


    Specialty Care

Celebrate​ life all around you . Great sound quality, rechargeable and connectivity in a comprehensive solution.


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( other vendors we can service are unitron ,some siemens and a few others if told ahead of time)

Faster better hearing solutions

Starkey LivioAI

Video provided by Starkey and the web.

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 Phonak Marvel

Video provided by Starkey and the web

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CaptionCall  telephone

This service is provided from the federal government to help people that have a hearing loss and have trouble communicating on the phone we have the paperwork for this .I would gladly help you or your loved ones communicate better on the phone